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CCTV Drain Surveys

A CCTV drain survey is the best way to assess the condition of your drainage system. We offer professional CCTV drain surveys for commercial drainage systems including septic tanks and sewage treatment plants. Using the very latest in digital imaging technology, we can precisely pinpoint any defects within your system and advise on the best repair solution. For further information or to arrange a free quote, please contact our reliable team.

How Does It Work?

Digital cameras are wheel-mounted and guided through the pipework, enabling us to view high-resolution imagery of the internal condition of the piping. Damage and defects can be assessed in real-time and we can also save footage should you need this for insurance purposes or for your own reference.

What Are The Benefits of CCTV Drainage Inspections?

This type of inspection is unobtrusive and allows us to assess the internal condition of drainage systems with high accuracy. Compared to trench digging and associated engineering costs, CCTV inspections are much more cost-effective and can easily access hard to reach places within drainage systems such as under the ground or behind walls.

The camera can pin-point all kinds of faults in the system including blockages, cracks, breakages, root ingress, collapsed drains and more. As a result, remedial work can be accurately planned which can save both time and money.

Pre-Purchase Drain Surveys

If you are planning on a buying a commercial or domestic property, instructing a drain survey as part of your due diligence before you complete the purchase is recommended. A survey will identify any issues with the drainage system, so you can factor in remedial costs before you commit to buy. Call us to arrange an inspection at a competitive price.

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If you require further information or advice, or wish to arrange an appointment for drain inspections, please get in touch.

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