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Grease Traps

Grease traps intercept fat, oil and grease and prevent these substances from entering into the drain network, sewer system and ultimately the water course. Companies that generate this type of waste must follow legislation to ensure that they do not pollute. Grease trap installation and maintenance is a relatively simple way to remain compliant. We supply, install and maintain grease traps, so call to find out how we can help.

Benefits of Grease Interceptors

Installation of grease interceptors not only help you to be compliant with commercial FOG legislation (fats, oils & grease), but will also help to keep your waste water system functioning as it should. Benefits include:

Grease Trap installation & Maintenance

Our engineers offer both installation and maintenance services. We can survey your systems and offer impartial advice. With access to all the leading brands, our team will recommend the most suitable interceptor, provide a comprehensive quote for supply and installation, and arrange a suitable time to fit it for you.

What Types of Company Need a Grease Trap?

Any commercial organisation that generates FOG waste is legally obliged to install an interceptor to ensure they do not pollute. As an example, the following list of organisations must install grease interceptors to remain compliant with legislation. The following list is not exhaustive and many other commercial enterprises may also require a trap to remain compliant. Companies found to be polluting the environment can be fined, so to avoid a fine, call now for our efficient installation services.

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