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Drain Repairs

Broken drain pipes can cause a whole host of issues including backed-up waste water, flooding and bad odour. If you suspect you have a broken drain, then call us for expert drain repairs. Our team have expertise in a range of remedial options including cured in place pipe patch lining and drain excavation. We offer this service to both commercial and domestic clients and we are also available to sub-contract. For further information call now to arrange a free quote.

CIPP Drain Lining

CIPP drain lining (cured in place pipe lining, also known as patch lining) is an unobtrusive way of repairing pipes from the inside. This method requires no digging or excavation work. A resin liner is fed through the pipe mounted on a rod to the location of the fault and inflated so that it attaches to the damaged section of pipe. The liner cures in place, forming a smooth surface. This is a cost effective way of repairing drainage pipes.

Before the work commences, we will perform a CCTV drain survey to establish the extent of the damage. If there is a blockage, or root ingress, this will be cleared before the CIPP is fitted.

Drain Excavation

Drain excavation may be required if pipes are badly damaged and need completely replacing. This is a major job and should only ever be performed by professional drainage engineers, like us.

The damaged section of pipe is excavated, removed and new piping is fitted. This type of job is necessary for severely damaged pipes where CIPP lining would not be a practical option. It is also necessary for collapsed pipes.

Again, before any work commences, we will perform an in-depth survey using the latest technology which may include a CCTV survey.

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To find out how we can help, call us for impartial advice, to arrange a free quote and to book an engineer for professional drain repairs.

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